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Beautiful and Elegant

Our watches are beautifully designed, and each watch is carefully packed in a lovely gift box. 

We Create Story

Telesto helps you create your own story. What is your next adventure? Think of us! 

Fashion is Our Blood

Our interchangeable leathers suit your everyday look. Choose a color to represent your outfit. 


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Telesto Watchesの決済手続き

ご来店いただき、誠にありがとうございました。 今回はTelesto Watchesの購入手続きについて紹介したいと思います。   ステップ1:お気に入りの腕時計をカートを入れて、チェックアウトを押します   ステップ2:お客様情報を入力してください     ステップ3:同じページに配送方法の...
Giveaway announcement - happysoulwanderer

Giveaway announcement - happysoulwanderer

Our Ambassador @happysoulwanderer from Australia held a giveaway campaign with Telesto Watches last week. 3 lucky winners can get USD 90 gift card ...
Giveaway Announcement - zora.taiwan

Giveaway Announcement - zora.taiwan

Telesto Watches is around the world!   This week, we have Ambassador @zora.taiwan from Taiwan, organizing a Halloween Giveaway with us. And this ...